The Power of Reinvention , ISRO Engineer Turns Old Car Into Excavator

ISRO Engineer Turns 'Old Car' Into 'Excavator
ISRO Engineer Turns ‘Old Car’ Into ‘Excavator

The Power of Reinvention, ISRO Engineer Turns ‘Old Car’ Into ‘Excavator’


Usually when it comes to material things, people have the habit of always going for a new one, a new accessory, a new machine, new flowers. Recycling and reinvention has been a part of our environmental processes for so long, yet very few fathom about the great scope of recycling and reinventing. This is a story of a scientist who reinvented his old car to reap benefits of a newly acquired machine.

Ben Jacob
Ben Jacob

Based in Thiruvananthapuram, Ben Jacob made his mission to reuse his old car to fulfill various other purposes. With a very minimal budget, he set out to give a new look to his old car. Ben Jacob is a scientist with ISRO and works in the Liquid Propulsion System Centre. During the lockdown induced by the pandemic, he started the mission of giving his old car a new lease.

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To be stated right at the beginning, it wasn’t an easy task. His car turned excavating machine weighed around one ton and could excavate ground up to six tones. At the same time, it could lift the weight as much as 500 kilograms. The entire transformation of the car was completed within two months duration.


When asked, Ben tells us that he bought the car for his wife back in 1988 when it was already a second-hand car. Although the car was probably two decades old, he didn’t want to miss the opportunity of giving it a new life. To convert the car, he had to get the parts delivered form Gujarat and started working in the workshop that he had already established. The entire process of getting the materials from different parts of the country and then joining and assembling them together required a lot of patience, rigor and articulation. Eventually Ben was able to finish the project with this immaculate skills and creative mind.

He truly gave a new meaning and a new direction to the saying, ‘making something out of nothing’.

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