A water purifier machine that use zero electricity

A water purifier machine that use zero electricity

A water purifier machine that use zero electricity, ‘Shuddham’ and it can purify 500 Litres of Water Daily

“I understood how significant water is! How it can be reused and recycle but cannot be manufactured. I embarked on a journey to discover answers to my questions regarding the same.”
Water is without a doubt a necessity for everybody, except for a few dry season hit towns in India, it is viewed as an extravagantly luxurious resource.
An exemplary story of the water wives of Dengamal in Maharashtra illustrates the despicable concept. Dengamal is a town that has been hit by extreme dry spell over the most recent couple of years, and men marry so that their wives can bring water for the family.

Innovation Award by Honorable Home Minister, Shri Narottam Mishra
Innovation Award by Honorable Home Minister, Shri Narottam Mishra

Jitendra who has recently Received Innovation Award by Honorable Home Minister, Shri Narottam Mishra focuses on advanced automated Shuddham prototype that promises to be a relief for the rest of the world.

Experiencing childhood in a far off town in Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh, Jitendra Choudhary’s first openness to the gravity of water shortage happened five years prior only.

Young Scientist Jitendra's
Young Scientist Jitendra’s

Destined to negligible ranchers, the young man failed his Class 10 and chose to move to Rajasthan for some other opportunity.
After 12th he got back to his home state and finished his degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT Ujjain. It was during an outing in 2013 into the insides of the state, where he first saw the bumping water emergency.

“I recollect the day well overall. I saw local people sitting on a cot and bathing with a small container. The water that purged the earth and sweat off their bodies was gathered in another vessel under and reused for other family purposes like washing clothes, watering plants and so forth. It shook me. I understood how water is one asset we can just reuse and recycle yet never create. Thus I needed to find an answer.”

The response to this was in the advancement he assembled, called Shuddham. This ease water channel can channel 90,000 liters of water in a half year and too without using power!
Indeed, you heard that right.

As a youngster, Jitendra inspired by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He was constantly inclined towards machines that were more solution based, but the limited resources and exposure was always an issue.
“I feel lucky now that I failed in classed 10th, else I would have pursued humanities following my other school mates dreams . so I am happy now that I failed that year and my path chose me to be scientist today because until I moved to Rajasthan, I didn’t even know science existed as a stream here. Besides, the film ‘3 Idiots’ inspired me a lot to pursue engineering. It gave me the confidence to use innovation to improve the lives of the marginal communities in India and in most cost effective manner ,” he says.

Building Shuddham


During his examination, Jitendra saw how 20% of the water we use is for drinking and cooking, though 80% is for any remaining individual family purposes like bathing, washing, cleaning, flushing and so forth.
Shuddham has the capacity of recyling 500 liters of used or dirty water each day for a wide range of family use with the exception of drinking and cooking.
Worked at the expense of Rs 7000, the support cost of the machine is pretty much as low as Rs 500-700, which is just required once per year, to supplant the granules in the machine working.

Utilizing zero electricity, ‘Shuddham’ deals with the guideline of gravity, where it recycles water utilized in washrooms, by causing it to go through a series of filtration procedure and afterward delivers the reused water from the machine’s lowermost section.

“The water is cleaned inside a range of a couple of moments through granular sieving which is subsequently followed by dynamic carbon ultrafiltration. The machine is likewise furnished with an anti choke mechanism. This guarantees that there are no blockages in the flow of the water and that dirty granules don’t blend in with the clean, decontaminated water.”
The 25-year-old who has filed three patents for Shuddham and published four papers in national and international conferences was bestowed the Youngest Scientist Award by the Madhya Pradesh Council of Science and Technology.

Jitendra is additionally functioning as an examination researcher at MIT Ujjain, where he improves machines for local area solutions. The foundation finances his work.
He ran a pilot of Shuddham in the premises of the organization by introducing four machines in the hostel itself. The results have been quite positive. He is currently dealing with dropping the expenses significantly further to make the development considerably more reasonable for the drought hit villages and towns in his own state and nearby territories.

When the patent will be endorsed and the machine will be commercialized and will be brought to the market. “When I started the process of building the prototype at initial level, I knew I was building something for rural India only, so it had to be cost effective. At a time, when most of our villages even lack electricity, I wanted it to be one that worked without the need of power. I am still working on an updated automated machine. One thing that I can proudly claim is that Shuddham is the most cost effective filter that recycles dirty water at a meager cost of 1 paisa per litre. Once it hits the market, we will also work to make it available for below poverty line (BPL) families at the cost the company builds it on,” says Jitendra.

Jitendra along his parent's
Jitendra along his parent’s

From a young boy who has worked for Rs 200 as a field laborer to winning the Young Scientist grant, Jitendra’s excursion is out and out extraordinary.
While his monetary foundation hasn’t improved a lot, the youthful trailblazer desires to dedicate his life to serve the country, simply like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam did.

“I will most likely be unable to contribute however much Dr. Kalam did, yet I will make an honest effort to serve the country. My solicitation to different scientist and researchers is likewise to not leave India for better oppurtunities outside, however utilize their insight and experience for the betterment of the country. You may find more money and fame in other countries , however the affection and regard that your country can give you is unequaled,” says Jitendra.
He address the youth and says “Try not to stop despite battle. Continue to attempt. Even if the road ahead seems difficult, it should not matter to you but rather focus your energies on overcoming every obstacle one day at a time.. On the off chance that you give your 100%, nothing can stop you. So continue to move towards your objectives and visions” he said.

you can connect with Jitendra at [email protected] and assist him in this journey in whichever way you can.

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