The Un-breaker-able story of traffic activist who gave U-turns and speed breaker free Delhi

Story of Atul Ranjeet Sharma

How the founder of Guru Hanuman Society Of India & Janhit Prayas Samiti is transforming the way we commute!

Atul Sharma works for a  Japanese Organization and is an RTI activist who has successfully begun his mission of having speed breaker free Delhi. Mr. Atul Sharma who is a Science graduate excels in wrestling as well.

The speed breakers result in considerable delay, cause damage to the vehicles and significant discomfort to vehicle occupants. 

Speed breakers killed an average of nine people a day in 2014 & 2015 in Delhi, faulty speed breakers are the cause of concern as most of the mare poorly designed and unauthorized.

Faulty speed breakers not only cause death but can damage vehicles and trigger severe health problems like spinal injuries.

According to Dr. Rajeev Sharma, senior consultant (orthopedics) in Apollo Hospitals, Delhi’s problems in spinal injuries have increased three-fold due to traveling on poor and unplanned roads.

(ref: livemint).

”Speed breakers have mushroomed all over the city. According to IRC’s 1987 guidelines, a speed breaker should have a radius of 17 m with a width of 3.7 m and a height of 0.1 m. This is calculated to reduce the speed of the vehicle to 25 km/ph. It has speed humps with transverse bar marking. However,the permission to construct a speed breaker is given only after extensive survey and study by the traffic police and PWD.

Speed Breaker
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The Delhi Police claim that there are 310 faulty speed bumps in the city.

Speed breakers have sprung up all over the city, making driving all the more challenging. There is an estimated 310 illegal speed breakers but the general secretary of GHSI said in the petition that the estimated number is much more.


Man Behind the Change

Atul Ranjeet Sharma, social activist of GHSI successfully got converted more than 30 traffic signals into Back to Back U-turn scheme.

U Turn Scheme
U Turn Scheme

He suggests that respecting others on road is most important. Abiding by the road safety measures and self implementing these rules help the traffic to move smoothly and reach home safely.

According to  Atul Sharma, whenever we move in Delhi, one can find so many illegally constructed speed breakers either constructed by residents or by local residents.There are thousand folds of unauthorized speed breakers in Delhi especially in inner parts. GHSI constantly hunts down the locations and reports it to the concerned civic agencies.

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Mr. Sharma adds that educating at primary level, by the time one moves to driving stage, he/she is aware about rights,duties, etc. on roads.

He adds social activism is a natural habit which can’t be developed intentionally.

Identification of such habit and developing the same for the welfare of the society is essential.

Mr. Kumar also requested the government to develop signal free corridor, he added that most of the traffic in the Wazirabad and Burari area is comprised of cycles, rickshaw & covering a large area will be a big hassle and if this is not rectified the entire purpose of signal free corridor shall go in vain.

Safeguards are the cause of 30 crashes daily
Safeguards are the cause of 30 crashes daily

The ideology to have hassle free traffic,in turn less fuel consumption & safety of the passengers, Also, it will result in lesser pollution. Mr. Atul suggested to have offset arrangements. He added further the benefits of the arrangement such as more turning radius for U-turn, less waiting time for taking a U-turn and ample space for vehicles coming from either direction of the road.

The main aim of the scheme is to ease congestion at traffic signals and create a smooth flow of traffic. According to GHSI, the scheme has already been implemented by them with the help of Delhi Police at around 27 stretches so far. Currently, the U-Turn scheme has been implemented at places such as Pankha Road, BRT corridor, KNK at ju Marg, Rohini among others. Nearly 40 plus traffic signals has been removed. this initiative will save time, money and facilitate smooth vehicular movement especially to ambulances and elderly people commuting on National Highways.

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He bestowed gratitude to Delhi Traffic Police and PWD for implementing the suggested changes for better road safety and less travel time.

He urged general public to address the issue to the organization in turn providing the solutions to their problems.

How you can help 

SURVEY ON BACK TO BACK U-TURNS SCHEME @ DELHI Please have few minutes time to share your experience.