Wearing an oxygen mask for environmental protection


Awareness through Oxygen mask for environmental protection
Awareness through Oxygen mask for environmental protection

An amazing awareness initiative, wearing an oxygen mask for environmental protection

Earth has a surprising new player in the climate game now : oxygen. Even though oxygen is not a heat-trapping greenhouse gas, its concentration in our atmosphere can affect how much sunlight reaches the ground and people can stay alive , and new models suggest that effect has altered climate in the past few years.

An amazing awareness initiative , wearing an oxygen mask for environmental protection
Rajesh Kumar Suman

Oxygen currently makes up about 21 percent of the total gases in the planet’s atmosphere, but that level hasn’t been steady over Earth’s history. For the first couple of billion years, there was little oxygen in the atmosphere. Then, about 2.5 billion years ago, oxygen started getting added to the atmosphere by photosynthetic cyanobacteria process. “Oxygen is produced as a waste product of photosynthesis. It is consumed through respiration,” .

Rajesh Kumar Suman along locals
Rajesh Kumar Suman along locals

Today Indian society is becoming aware of environmental security and is also making new efforts in this direction. Whether it is plantation for pure air and oxygen or by giving plants to each other as an attempt to spread awareness, people now are putting in honest efforts. Born in 1988 in Kushwaha Toll Mohalla of Dharha village in Samastipur district of Bihar, Rajesh Kumar Suman has taken up a special initiative in the direction of environmental protection.

In a conversation with Rajesh Kumar Suman, who has a master’s degree from Samastipur University, says that – “During my studies, when my farmer father Ram Singh Mahato brought me an Encyclopedia, I came to know that it is necessary to have at least 33% forests to protect the environment, but there are less than 20% forests in India, so from that time onwards I decided to make bring in some changes, may be not so big but a valuable change.”

When asked about his experience Rajesh says – “I plant saplings on my birthday not only by going to schools but also by going to the crematorium. Even on the occasion of the wedding anniversary every year after my marriage, my wife and I continued such plantation drives. I have always got the support of my wife and children in this work, which I am thankful for.”

Also through social media, urging people to plant saplings on account of birthdays or any other celebration, Rajesh Suman also informs society about the benefits of this work. He also started special campaigns to bring environmental awareness to society.

In this campaign, Rajesh carries an oxygen cylinder and a jar on his back, in this jar there is a plant, and there is also an oxygen mask connected to that jar which is located on his nose, it is a type of symbolic demonstration of through which they try to bring awareness to the people about the possible harm caused by environmental pollution and plant depletion.

Rajesh Kumar Suman

“Reducing oxygen levels thins the atmosphere layers, allowing more sunlight to reach Earth’s surface,” explains Poulsen. More sunlight lets more moisture evaporate from the planet’s surface, which increases humidity in the nature. Because water vapor is a greenhouse gas, more heat gets trapped near Earth’s surface, and temperatures rise and this is the major concern all around the world. The increased humidity and temperature also leads to increases in precipitation in the nature. By contrast, when oxygen concentrations are more, the atmosphere gets thicker and scatters higher sunlight. As a result, there is less water vapor to trap heat in the system and Rajesh understand it much better . 

Rajesh knows its a need of hour to make people aware to balance oxygen as well as eco system in the nature else we all have to pay so much lives in coming years. 

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