School kid asked for help from IPS via tweet and IPS responded

Arun Bothra Indian police service
Arun Bothra Indian police service

School kid asked for help from IPS via tweet

IPS Arun Bothra
Arun Bothra Indian police service

Help is a word of love and kindness that fill one’s heart with warmth and devotion. If you help someone during his/her hardship then you will be no less than a God to that person and he will always have a soft corner for you.

This story is about a school student and an IPS officer who has proved that one should always ready to help a necessitous without having a second thought of their busy schedule.

Sai Anvesh,a student from Bhubaneswar call for help to IPS officer Arun Bothra by tagging him in a Tweet.

He wrote,

Respected Sir, I want to state that I am a student of MBS Public School Bhubaneswar I use MO bus as my daily transportation means to go to school. As now a days the timing of the buses are changed I used to reach school late and have to face many other problems. Kindly acknowledge my problem and I will be very thankful to you.


Officer Arun Bothra showed his kind gesture by tweeting back to that student,assuring him to make changes in the bus timing accordingly .


The way an IPS officer help a student is really appreciable.

We salute you Sir.

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