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From Studying Under A Tree In India, Jay Chaudhry Is Worth 1,170 crores USD Today among top tycoon of the world
Jay Chaudhry

From Studying Under A Tree In India, Jay Chaudhry Worth 1,170 crores USD today among top tycoon of the world

The 62-year old Jay Chaudhry, the entrepreneur of the cybersecurity firm Zscaler, has climbed 577 spots in Hurun Global Rich rundown 2021, and has likewise advanced into being one of India’s best ten most richest person.

Jay Chaudhry and his family own 45% of the Nasdaq-recorded ZScaler, which is today worth $28 billion approximately. 

As per the Hurun list, Chaudhry saw his total assets develop by 271% a year ago to $13 billion. The rise in digital and computerized advancements since the COVID-19 pandemic⁠—like on account of video conferencing applications like Zoom or substance stages like Netflix⁠—helped Chaudhry’s organization as well.

Jay Chaudhry
Jay Chaudhry

For the second quarter of 2021, Zscaler saw its incomes at $157 million, up 10% successively and 55% year-on-year. “There is a accelerated market move towards work from anyplace, which is the world Zscaler was worked for,” he said after the organization pronounced its most recent quarterly profit. The organization has more than 5,000 customers⁠—including a fourth of the Global 2,000⁠—and more than 2,600 workers.

From a life of no power to being one of the world’s most richest

Chaudhry experienced childhood in a Himalayan town called Panoh, in the Una locale of Himachal Pradesh. During his adolescence, with no admittance to electricity, Chaudhry studied under trees. “I used to walk almost 4 km regularly to go to my secondary school at Dhusara, the adjoining town,” he said in a interview to the Tribune newspaper years prior.

Today, Chaudhry, an American resident, is one of the world’s most richest with an expected total assets of $13 billion. He established Zscaler in 2008 and shut its first sale of stock in 2018. On its first day of exchanging the organization shut at $33, which was 106% of the posting cost of $16.

Chaudhry’s company
Sold to
AirDefense Motorola Undisclosed 2008
CipherTrust Secure Computing $274 million 2006
Secure IT VeriSign Undisclosed 1998
CoreHarbor AT&T Undisclosed 1996

“My prosperity so far has fundamentally been on the grounds that I have almost no connection for money. My fixation is truly to ensure that the web and cloud are a protected spot for everybody to work together,” he disclosed to Business Standard in 2019.

For Chaudhry, this isn’t the first run through he’s seeing achievement. The IIT BHU graduate with a MBA from University of Cincinnati, is a sequential business person.

In his acceptance speech of EY Entrepreneur of the Year Northern California regional award in 2017 , Chaudhry noted that he was born and raised in a tiny village at the foothills of the Himalayas ,  himachal , to farmer parents who had never gone to school. “They taught me the value of hard work and a good education,” he said and he pursued the same principles through out this journey.

The serial entrepreneur said he is proud that 30 percent of his employees at Zscaler are millionaires because of their stock options only. He advised people : “Great ideas are a dime a dozen. If you’ve thought of it, chances are someone else has already thought of it.”

“It is great execution and consistency that makes those ideas a reality.”


Meet Jay Chaudhry, the one who studied under a tree in Himachal to get one of the world's top tycoons today
Jay Chaudhry

lessons from Jay Chaudhry journey 

The involvement in SecureIT encouraged me a ton about my desire and the elements that genuinely roused me. I was driven by the feeling of achievement that accompanied rejuvenating a thought. My recommendation to youthful business visionaries—to anybody—is to follow your enthusiasm. Take part in satisfying work that supports your energy as opposed to sapping it. My second life exercise and one of my number one mantras is: Uncover your enthusiasm and seek after it. On the off chance that you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

My energy for building and executing powered three additional new businesses. One was an early SaaS supplier, two were in security, and every one of the three were in the end procured. Indeed, even with the accomplishment of these organizations, I stayed driven by the craving to assemble something new. Yet, as I looked to my next adventure, I had an alternate reason and I moved toward it with a changed mentality. I needed to assemble something enduring.

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